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Continuous & discrete character evolution using the threshold model

The threshold model

Plotting methods for comparative data and phylogenies

Various visualization methods for comparative trait data and phylogenetic trees

Placing missing taxa and fossils on a phylogenetic tree using continuous traits

locate.yeti using the Anolis dataset

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Bisse And Hisse

Multi-regime challenge question

Exploring multi-regime and multivariate models in R

Multi-rate, multi-regime, and multivariate models for continuous traits

Fitting multiple regime models for continuous characters in R

Testing for an evolutionary correlation between binary characters using Pagel's (1994) method

Pagel's (1994) method

Trait Challenge

Here are data from some fish called grunts.

Character evolution challenge solution

Solution to the challenge problem

Locate Yeti Challenge

Reconstruction ancestral characters II, Discrete characters

Discrete character ancestral state reconstruction in R

Reconstruction ancestral characters I, Continuous characters

Continuous character ancestral state reconstruction in R

Phylogenetic Generalized Least Squares (PGLS)

Use PGLS to test for character correlations

Diversification analysis with BAMM and RPANDA

Using BAMM and RPANDA to assess diversification rates from molecular phylogenies

evolutionary biologists HATE this fast way to get into Nature

this is a test of Alfaro documents

Simulating Brownian motion in R

Introduction to conducting phylogeny & character simulations in R

Phylogenetically independent contrasts

Phylogenetically independent contrasts in R

Introduction to phylogenies in R

Introduction to the "phylo" object class and basic phylogenetics packages & functions in R

Exploring the properties of contrasts regression

Answers to the PIC challenge question

Short Introduction to R

Basic R functions.

Course logistics

Basic travel, lodging, and contact information for the course.

Diversification models

Understand birth-death and trait-dependent bd models.

Models of continuous character evolution

Fit a series of evolutionary models for continuous characters.